Comefri IT department of Comefri SpA develops internally the software to select the best fan for your applications.

The software are:

  • Aeolus4
  • BlackBox


You can download Aeolus4 and the BlackBox registering your account on and requesting the software.

Aeolus4 is the 3rd generation of Comefri fan selection software (Aeolus, then AeolusPlus and now Aeolus4. 1st Aeolus4 release was in late 2014).

The software allows the customer to obtain a large quantity of catalogue information, including fan curves, quotes, function fan ranges and application conditions. Furthermore Aeolus4 is a user friendly program that makes the calculation, selection, configuration of the correct fan easy. The program also includes the ability to select the correct transmission (vee-belts & pulleys).

 With Aeolus4 the customer can select a wide range of Comefri suitable fans, in accordance with his/her technical input data.

All data corresponds to internationally accepted standards, norms and fan laws.

With ErP 2015 compliant data and IE3 motors.

Choose the best fan for your needs, analize the fan curve, show the dimensions drawings, print the technical data are some things that you can obtain with Aeolus4.

The print out (Data Sheet) reports all the data of the requested operation point, the fan curves and the dimensional drawing.

Aeolus4 Main form Aeolus4 Datasheet form
Main form Aeolus4 Main form Aeolus4

BlackBox is a library (DLL) of functions for developers to integrate the selection of Comefri fans in your own software.

The BlackBox is the calculation engine of Aeolus4, Aeolus4 is the Comefri interface to the BlackBox.

The BlackBox is developed with Visual C++, so you need Microsoft Windows developing environment to use it.

You can use the BlackBox also with:

  • Excel VBA
  • Visual Studio 6 (C++ and VB)
  • Visual Studio .NET (C# and VB)

Calculate fans for one fan family: the function finds out the most suitable fan according to the following request data entered: volume, pressure, temperature, altitude, density, pressure and outlet opening types. The function calculate: static and total performance, static and total pressure, operating point power, sound power level.

The BlackBox distribution contains some examples in various Microsoft developing languages and a manual with all available functions.

Excel VBA sample

Private Declare Function setdll Lib "aeobb32.dll" Alias "_SETDLLPATH@4" (ByVal path As String) As Long
Private Declare Function closedll Lib "aeobb32.dll" Alias "_CloseODBC@0" () As Long

You can download Aeolus4 and the BlackBox registering your account on and requesting the software.

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