Giovedì 26.10 si è conclusa la Fiera OMC, che è stata ricca di significativi momenti di confronto e di opportunità di network. È stato entusiasmante poterci confrontare con i numerosi visitatori sulle tematiche dell'energia e dell'innovazione. COMEFRI vuole che ogni Cliente sia un partner con cui costruire assieme il futuro.

The OMC Exhibition ended on Thursday 26.10 and was full of valuable moments of discussion and networking opportunities. It was exciting to share the topics of energy and innovation with the numerous visitors. COMEFRI wants every Customer to be a partner to build the future together with.

Comefri Stand - OMC 2023
BAFE 560 T1
BAFE 560 T1
Axial Comefri Fan
Axial Comefri Fan

Further to decades of experience in HVAC and ventilation fans for public areas, cabins and technical rooms, Comefri is now making its second supply for engine rooms with a total of 92 fans. With this supply, Comefri is able to supply a complete range of fans for the whole cruise ship.


50 years comefri logo

Comefri supplied its 50th fan size 2000 to one of the biggest manufacturers of Ceramic plants.
Main features of this Fan are:

  • Fan type: BCE 17-2000 Class 3 belt-driven
  • Performance: 264.000 m3/h with 3.450 Pa @ 100°C
  • Motor: 355 kW 6p
  • Total weight: 7.350 kg
  • Total height: 3.200 mm

Comefri has successfully delivered an easy-maintenance plug fans for a painting booth application.

This customized solution allows the fast cleaning of the impeller during maintenance activities.

Here below the main features of this supply:

  • N.8 Airfoil Fans NPA series 1000mm size
  • N.2 Airfoil Fans NPA series 900mm size
  • Atex execution for all of them
  • Thermal insulation to keep the motor safe
  • Roll-out configuration for quick maintenance
Plug Fan Comefri NPA
Plug Fan Comefri NPA
Painting Line with Plug Fan Comefri NPA
Plug Fan Comefri NPA
Plug Fan Comefri NPA
Plug Fan Comefri NPA
We are glad to announce the availability since 2021 of plug fans 5H series.
Plug Fan Comefri 5H drawing Plug Fan Comefri 5H drawing

The main features of these plug fans are the following:

  • Any kind of arrangement: Horizontal, Vertical (up & down) or slanting according to the AHU layout
  • Wheel in Aluminum, steel or PLV according to Customers preference and requested performances
  • Standard Aluminum AC motor (IE3 or IE4) which allows easy maintenance and standard motors stock
  • Sizes until 560 mm as standard but possibility to extend it till 630 mm
  • Very well suited for Fan Array execution with just n.1 Frequency converter for all Fans
  • 100% recyclability with full Aluminum execution
  • Short lead time (4 to 6 weeks)
  • Fully customizable in terms of materials and painting
  • Reliability and sturdiness of the system

Here below last applications:

Plug Fans Comefri 5H Plug Fans Comefri 5H
Plug Fans Comefri 5H Plug Fans Comefri 5H

We warn all our partners that the use of trademark and/or brand “Comefri” shall be considered authorized and lawful only if it concerns the products manufactured by one of our factories, which are exclusively the following:

Comefri Italy - Comefri Gmbh - Comefri UK Ltd - Comefri France - Comefri USA - Comefri China - Comefri Fan Systemleri (Turkey)

Please verify all the products labelled “Comefri” at your disposal and contact us whenever you find products which are not manufactured by one of the aforesaid factories.

Further, consider that the use of the trademark and/or the brand “Comefri” by third parties is unauthorized and unlawful without our prior formal authorization.

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