EC centrifugal fan

Direct Driven High Efficiency Plenum Fans With Aluminium Impellers And Permanent Magnet Motors.

The COMEFRI direct drive ECPA and ECPL plenum fans with permanent magnet motors are characterized by very high efficiency and have been designed for clean or slightly dusty air.

ECPA and ECPL have the following main advantages:
  • very high overall efficiency in all operating area
  • compact design
  • highest quality
  • high efficiency motor with very low noise thanks to latest technology applied
  • long life and maintenance free operation
  • motors without “Hall” sensors so the connection between motor and motor controller is simple
  • easy integration into existing AHU’S

The motor is assembled on a very stiff backpanel. No motor parts can influence the air inlet at the plenum wheel so to exploit the high efficiency both of the wheel and motor with the final result of an high total efficiency and low noise emission. The ECPA is equipped with the NPA-ALU impeller in aluminium with backward curved airfoil blades, on ECPL the NPL-ALU aluminium backward curved blades impeller is mounted (refer to the NPA-ALU, NPL-ALU plenum wheel catalogue for detalled information regarding the performances of the wheel alone).

The impellers are secured to the motor shaft through an aluminium hub. The hub incorporates a keyway and locking screw. The inlet cones for the different wheel types are designed to give the best aerodynamic performance and high efficiency.
On ECPA and ECPL electronically communtated direct current motors are used.
The motor control unit (Drive) is separated from the motor and is adapted for every plenum size.
ECPA and ECPL are available both for horizontal and vertical mounting.

It is ERP 2015 compliant.

ECPA - ECPL PDF Catalogue
Dimensions ECPA 250 - 280 - 315 - 355 - 400 - 450 - 500 - 560 - 630
Dimensions ECPL 200 - 225 - 250 - 280 - 315 - 400 - 450 - 500
Volume up to 15.000 m³/h
Δpt max 2.000 Pa
Pwmax 11 kW

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