Comefri USA is the American business unit of the Comefri Group.

The company was established in Charlotte NC in 1997 as a Privately Owned US Corporation.
In 2001 the company moved to a substantial manufacturing plant (120,000 sq ft / 11000 m2) in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
In 2006 the company finalized a plant expansion (55,000 sq ft / 5000 m2) and the building of the Engineering Test Laboratory.

Comefri USA achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management certification in 2003 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management in 2012.

Comefri USA currently employs 80 people. Its team is made up of a dedicated work force and staff, constantly ready to meet new responsibilities and challenges.

Beside products renowned for their quality, Comefri USA is proud to offer clients:

  • Shortest lead times on the market on a wide selection of Standard HVAC Forward Curved fans, Backard Curved and airfoil fans, Twin Fans, Airfoil and Plenum fans
  • HVAC fans standardization of housing dimensions with different inlet cone and impeller designs
  • Complete Custom Designed Fan Assemblies: custom applications designed and developed for unique customer applications
  • AMCA Accredited Laboratory with cutting edge testing capability for fans and complete units

Laboratory services are offered to our customers to optimize the performance of the AHU/Fan Systems.
We offer verification in AHU of various fan models, sizes or customized solution to optimize the product offered to the customer. Comefri USA laboratory is AMCA accredited to conduct airflow and sound tests according to AMCA Standard 210 and 300 (corresponding to ISO 5801 and 13347 respectively).
The lab facility contains one air performance test chamber that allows testing of all Comefri USA product line. The laboratory also houses a reverberant room of 28,000 cu ft (almost 800 m3). Besides airflow and sound testing Comefri USA offers vibration testing, inverter balancing and endurance tests.

Company Name CO.ME.FRI. USA, Inc
Countries USA, Canada, Mexico
Address 330 Bill Bryan Blvd.
Telephone 001-270-8811444
Fax 001-270-8890309
Company e-mail
Company website

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We warn all our partners that the use of trademark and/or brand “Comefri” shall be considered authorized and lawful only if it concerns the products manufactured by one of our factories, which are exclusively the following:

Comefri Italy - Comefri Gmbh - Comefri UK Ltd - Comefri France - Comefri USA - Comefri China - Comefri Fan Systemleri (Turkey)

Please verify all the products labelled “Comefri” at your disposal and contact us whenever you find products which are not manufactured by one of the aforesaid factories.

Further, consider that the use of the trademark and/or the brand “Comefri” by third parties is unauthorized and unlawful without our prior formal authorization.

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