The large use of AC Plenum Fans with direct driven motor (Arr.4) dominates the actual HVAC market, thanks to its very smart and compact solution for most current applications. The need of VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is compulsory in most cases in order to match the motor speed with fan speed for the desired duty point.

However, there are many requests of AC Plenum Fans with no VFD in the market whereas it is very difficult to match motor and fan speed by using standard wheels.

It consist of giving 10 different speeds with the same wheel just by reducing the blade width from 100% down to 50%. This huge flexibility almost always allows to match the motor speed in both 50Hz and 60Hz.

Here below, as an example, NPA 500 PW looked in 2 different meanings:

  1. Range of performances allowed by NPA500 from 95% to 50% blade width
  2. Aeolus software selection with the different choices with same Fan NPA 500
    Aeolus4 NPA Partial Width

NPA Partial Width 100% - 80% - 60% - 50%

NPA Partial Width NPA Partial Width

Very large supply of Comefri fans for one of the biggest Gigafactories in Europe.

A total of 122 Fans which accomplish with following main two tasks:

  • Centrifugal Fans: Air-feed for AHU’s to keep under control air regulation and environment condition inside the painting booths
  • Axial Fans & exhaust turrets: main buildings ventilation
BCE25/1250 Atex 3G Arr.8 with 75kW 6p motor
BCE25/1250 Atex 3G Arr.8 with 75kW 6p motor
BCE25/1250 Atex 3G Arr.8 with 75kW 6p motor
BCE25/1250 Atex 3G Arr.8 with 75kW 6p motor
AX 710 Arr.9 with 7.5kW 2p
AX 710 Arr.9 with 7.5kW 2p
TRV-NPA 630 with 7.5kW 4p
TRV-NPA 630 with 7.5kW 4p
Katia Aere
Katia Aere Medaglia

Renewable sectors development is the challenge of the future.

Wind Energy is one of the most promising sector and many countries are doing huge investments on it.

Comefri stainless steel airfoil plug fans are suitable to meet both high-end specifications and tough corrosive environment for Onshore and Offshore Wind Parks.

NPA 1000 Duplex
NPA 1000 Duplex
NPA 1000 Duplex

Umpteenth supply in the Offshore Sector (Gas Field) for Comefri with SISW Airfoil Fans which consolidate the market leading on this kind of Fans.

The supply concerns n.4 Centrifugal Fans type BAFE 1250 55kW 6p and BAFE 1400 160kW 6p complete of acoustic jacket to achieve noise values below 80 dBA.

All performances and noise values have been witnessed tested in our AMCA certified Laboratory.

We warn all our partners that the use of trademark and/or brand “Comefri” shall be considered authorized and lawful only if it concerns the products manufactured by one of our factories, which are exclusively the following:

Comefri Italy - Comefri Gmbh - Comefri UK Ltd - Comefri France - Comefri USA - Comefri China - Comefri Fan Systemleri (Turkey)

Please verify all the products labelled “Comefri” at your disposal and contact us whenever you find products which are not manufactured by one of the aforesaid factories.

Further, consider that the use of the trademark and/or the brand “Comefri” by third parties is unauthorized and unlawful without our prior formal authorization.

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