BCZ centrifugal fan

Double Inlet Fan with Backward curved blades, with welded casing.

The BCZ double inlet industrial radial fan series has been developed by COMEFRI in such a way that, even with standard components at disposal, customers with special requirements can be taken into consideration.

COMEFRI industrial BCZ fans, developed with CAD systems, are designed with the following characteristics:

  • compact design
  • versatile applications
  • high efficiency
  • standardization of components (with less than 500 components, over 6.000 types of fans can be manufactured)
  • Vmax = 700.000 m³/h
  • Δ ptmax = 3.500 Pa

General: The double inlet industrial radial fans series BCZ 25 with backward curved blades are suited for applications for both clean and slightly dusty air with temperatures of up to 80°C. To reach high performance levels, components are constructed in geometrically optimal forms. The air flow of this series in standard execution reaches 700000 m3/h, with total pressures up to 3500 Pa. In addition, these machines are designed to operate at a low noise level and with high efficiency. The sizes follow geometrical gradations according to the series standard R 20. The nominal size corresponds to the outside diameter of the impeller.

Casing: The spiral shaped casings are continuously welded for this series. They are manufactured in steel, which are suitably reinforced for industrial, heavy duty applications. Furthermore, all standard casing sizes up to size 1000 can be set in any one of 8 discharge positions. Outlet flanges are incorporated as standard (DIN 24 159 page 3). Upon request, the housing can also be ordered in splitted execution.

Impeller: From the nominal size 1120 upwards, these series are finished and equipped with backwards curved, or airfoil backwatd curved, steel blades. The impellers are balanced statically and dynamically on precision machinery in accordance with quality levels Q 6,3 (VDI 2060), and upon request to Q 2,5. In addition, a balance certificate can be made available directly from the balancing machine.

BCZ-BZAF PDF Catalogue
Dimensions 1120 - 1250 - 1400 - 1600 - 1800 - 2000
Volume up to 700.000 m³/h
Δpt max 3.500 Pa
Pwmax 0 kW

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