NTHE centrifugal fan

Single Inlet Centrifugal Fans With Airfoil Blades

The single inlet radial fan serie COMEFRI TEAF is designed to meet the market requirements using standard components.

The fans within the range have the following characteristics:
  • structural strength;
  • versatile applications;
  • high quality, compact design;
  • high efficiency, low power consumption;
  • quiet operation;
  • performance data according to DIN 24166, accuracy Class 1;
  • Noise data according to DIN 24166, Class 2.
  • fan performances fully tested and certified in Comefri's own state-of-theart laboratory in accordance with ISO, DIN, BS, UNI-EN and AMCA standards.

Forefinger ® is an innovative device fully developed and engineered by the Aeraulic and Acoustic Test Lab of Comefri.
The principle is to exploit the air swirls, always present inside a fan housing.
As well known, the recirculation of the air streams inside the fan housing is a major source of losses, decreasing the fan efficiency and increasing fan’s noise.
This device, called Forefinger ®, is actively readdressing this air recirculation to the outlet, with a systematic enhancement of the performances, both aeraulic and acoustic.

Dimensions 400 - 450 - 500 - 560 - 630 - 710 - 800 - 900 -1000
Volume 0 ÷ 0 m³/h
Δpt max 0 Pa
Pwmax 0 kW

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Comefri Italy - Comefri Gmbh - Comefri UK Ltd - Comefri France - Comefri USA - Comefri China - Comefri Fan Systemleri (Turkey)

Please verify all the products labelled “Comefri” at your disposal and contact us whenever you find products which are not manufactured by one of the aforesaid factories.

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